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Project Loom: Advanced concurrency for fun and profit


by Andrew Haley
At: FOSDEM 2020
❮p❯Project Loom, an OpenJDK project, is "intended to explore, incubate and deliver Java VM features and APIs built on top of them for the purpose of supporting easy-to-use, high-throughput lightweight concurrency and new programming models on the Java platform."
These feature include Lightweight Threads, delimited continuations, and tail-call elimination.❮/p❯
❮p❯The speaker, a Project Loom team member, will describe the project in depth, in particular the gnarly details of how coroutine and continuation scheduling mechanism works, and a new feature, Scoped Locals.❮/p❯
Room: H.1302 (Depage) Scheduled start: 2020-02-01 10:20:00