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Pull Requests: Merge With Your Team - Eirik Isene - NDC Oslo 2020


Working as developers in teams, we continuously submit our code to be scrutinized by our peers. With written language being fragile and easy to misunderstand, pull requests can quickly become a breeding ground for demotivation and resentment. Ideally, pull requests should be the exact opposite: a place for us to give our peers praise for their good work, encourage learning, and ultimately make sure that the code produced has the entire team behind it. In this talk, I’ll be talking about the psychology of giving and receiving critique, and how we can shape the language we use (specifically in regards to pull requests) to cultivate an environment in which we thrive as developers. The only precondition for attending this talk is knowing what a pull request is. My hope is that after attending this talk you will be itching to submit your next pull request and also delight your fellow teammates with wonderful code reviews