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"Pushing the Limits of Web Browsers" by Lars Bak (2012)


Innovation is crucial for keeping web browsers a vibrant development platform. In the past four years, amazing performance improvements of JavaScript have enabled new kinds of web applications. However, this is far from sufficient. We clearly need to address the inefficiencies of developing large complex web applications. This talk will discuss advances in virtual machine technology and programming languages that likely will shape the future of web programming.
Lars Bak Google Inc.
Lars Bak is a veteran virtual machinist. His passion for designing and implementing object-oriented virtual machines has left marks on several software systems: Beta, Self, Strongtalk, Sun's HotSpot and CLDC HI, OOVM Smalltalk, V8, and Dart. Since joining Google in the fall of 2006, Lars has been responsible for the design and implementation of V8 & Dart. He graduated from Aarhus University in 1988 with a MS degree in computer science.