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Quitting Is an Option: Know When To Quit and Prepare for It


Presented by WWCode CONNECT Forward 2021 Speaker: Laksh Ranganathan
The fear of the unknown is a strong factor that compels a lot of people - especially women - to continue working in a place where they are not entirely happy or don’t feel valued. This is a common pattern that a number of women experience, sharing concerns such as “I don’t think I have the right skill set for that senior role”, “I don’t have the necessary leadership experience to pursue that role” or “I am worried, leaving is risky”. In this talk, Laksh Ranganathan, Director of Product Operations at Tasktop, will share experiences and tools that have helped her over the years to measure her own happiness in an organization/role/department and tools to help evaluate value and being confident in pursuing the opportunity of your dreams. Key takeaways include:
How to evaluate your current role and your ideal role (the personal Product Canvas exercise) Creating metrics that help you understand how happy you are in a role Other lateral strategies to prepare for the role you covet
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