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React Chicago Sept 2020 - "Building Pieces, Assembling Applications" by Michael Labriola


Michael Labriola

React Chicago September 2020 Virtual Meetup
Building Pieces, Assembling Applications
Options for splitting your React application into teeny little pieces and re-assembling them as lazily as possible
Michael Labriola
Choices when it’s time to split your application into pieces (and how to bring it back together just in time to defeat your enemies). Most React devs are using out-of-the-box configuration for webpack or basic bundling that can be found repeated on many blogs and help docs. Very few are taking advantage of the code splitting and lazy-loading capabilities that can make an app load more quickly and seem more performant to an end-user. This session will go through the available options, the trade-offs and provide insight from hard-earned knowledge on what works and how to move forward.
Michael Labriola is a founding partner and principal consultant at Digital Primates where he advises clients on building and modernizing some of the most interacted with apps on the planet. Since 1995, he’s been a leading force for rich client experience technology. Michael is an international conference speaker on enterprise application development topics with a special concentration in the appropriate use of JavaScript and React in complex applications.