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React Chicago Jan2021 - "Creating a Full Stack React App With Azure Microservices" - Kalderos Team


React Chicago January 2021 Virtual Meetup
Creating a Full Stack React App With Azure Microservices David de Vogel, Mike Tai, Sean Brown, Jon Stults
Join the Kalderos team and learn more about full stack development using React and Azure. Kalderos is a fast-growing healthcare startup headquartered located in downtown Chicago as well as having an office in Brookfield, WI.
Learn more about how to connect a React front end app to an Azure microservice. The demonstration will include going over the architecture of the front end react app as well as demonstrating how to create a simple Azure microservice hooked up to Azure search.
The Kalderos team will also discuss how the front end team works with the UX team to transfer designs to the engineers for implementation using design tokens.
Finally, the Kalderos team will demonstrate the CI/CD pipeline capabilities used at Kalderos to run automated testing and other features to deploy the app to an Azure instance.
Learn more about the Kalderos organization and the Engineering team's hiring needs this year to support the team's planned expansion.
David de Vogel – Founder and CTO at Kalderos. David is a software development professional and Air Force veteran, Dave brings more than 20 years’ experience building innovative software systems and leading teams.
Mike Tai is VP of Technology at Kalderos. Mike has worked in IT as companies such as Accenture, and as CTO at two Chicago-based startups prior to joining Kalderos.
Sean Brown is a Software Engineer at Kalderos. Sean is working with front-end (SPA) development (React/Redux) at Kalderos.
Jon Stults is a Software Engineer at Kalderos. Jon is a Full-stack web developer proficient in multiple languages.