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React Chicago May2021 -"Make Programming Fun & Easy with React Testing Library" -Khalfani Wadlington


React Chicago May 2021 Virtual Meetup
Make Programming Fun & Easy with React Testing Library Khalfani Wadlington
We all know the long-term benefits of testing already. This talk will teach you the hidden and immediate benefits of writing tests for your code. You will see how writing tests can create immediate confidence, calmness, and clarity. You will learn how to use react testing library to avoid common problems that can make tests rigid, annoying, and counter-productive. This talk will give you insight into how to spend less time debugging and more time building solutions.
Khalfani is a freelance web developer who is passionate about well-designed code. In this talk, he presents insights from React testing articles by Kent C. Dodds and programming books such as Clean Code by Robert Martin. He is also passionate about teaching as a form of learning. He is currently looking for his first position as a React developer as a recent CS graduate.
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