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React Chicago November 2021 - "GraphQL in the Enterprise!" by Dustin Goodman


React November 2021 Meetup (React World Tour Edition)
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"GraphQL in the Enterprise!"
by Dustin Goodman
GraphQL is not just a buzzword, but is a useful tool for both front and backend teams to be able to work more effectively together. We’ll cover GraphQL’s client operations and how to utilize them, how to design your GraphQL API, and developing the server API. We’ll show you tools like GraphiQL, GraphQL Playground, and Apollo for testing and building your APIs. Additionally, you’ll learn best practices to avoid common mistakes when developing your GraphQL API.
Dustin Goodman is an engineer, tech speaker, and blogger with 10 years of experience in web development. He currently acts as an Engineering Manager at This Dot, and actively contributes free community resources through This Dot Media.
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