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React GraphQL workshop - Apollo client + Graphcool server

React GraphQL
11.09.2017 at ReactJS Meetup Munich


Nikolas Burk (Graphcool)

Nikolas will come to us from Berlin for this night to be your GraphQL mentor and introduce you to GraphQL before we dive in hands on:
Building a Realtime Chat with GraphQL Subscriptions, React & Apollo
GraphQL is challenging REST APIs - companies like Github, Twitter, Xing, and Shopify are already using it in production. Github is now even developing their APIs GraphQL first, seeing their REST API as a legacy.
What is GraphQL and how can I use it with React? In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to GraphQL first before getting hands on building a GraphQL client based on React + Apollo against a Graphcool backend and take a look at one of GraphQL’s newer and less-known features: GraphQL subscriptions.
GraphQL Subscriptions allow to integrate event-based realtime functionality into an app. The workshop will consist of theoretical and practical parts with the goal of building a realtime chat using the following technology stack:
Frontend: React, Apollo client Backend: Graphcool
You will also learn how you can integrate serverless functions in your backend to send emails when someone writes a "forbidden" chat message (like terrorist, bomb or REST API).
Bring your own laptop (or if you’d like to pair with someone, make sure one of your brings their laptop)- no prior GraphQL experience required - beginners are more than welcome!
Skill level: no prior GraphQL experience required, assumes React basics like components, state, props, render - no advanced knowledge required!