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React Native EU 2021: Arnaud Bezançon - React Query with GraphQL code gen and Typescript


This talk was presented during the React Native EU 2021 - the largest community conference in the world focused exclusively on React Native.
Abstract: React Query is gaining attraction among React Native developers with its great DX and ecosystem.
During this talk we will explore all the features, tools and use cases that have been implemented in our last React Native app version in production and how it compares to Apollo Client and other popular GraphQL libraries.
- Stale-While-Revalidate concept - Using GraphQL code generator to generate the Typescript types and custom hooks for the React Query operations - Automatic re-fetch on screen focus, mutations and network status change - Flat list with infinite queries - React Suspense and Error boundaries support - Cache persistence in the Async storage
We'll conclude with the lessons we have learned and other React Query features we plan to use in the future.
About the speaker: Arnaud creates low code application development platforms to address business process complexity. These solutions are used worldwide to implement critical enterprise workflows as new product creation, directorship management, people mobility, artist contract management and global clinical survey.
He regularly organizes R&D sessions and company retreats in different countries (FR, ES, PT, UK, IT, DE, MO, IN). During these sessions they explore new technologies and architectures (front-end and back-end frameworks, Cloud and Edge ecosystems) and create prototypes and Proof Of Concepts.
He has been leading the development of React Native with GraphQL app since 2017. DX is his passion.
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Additional links: Link to the Github repo that contains the React Native Demo app source code: