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React Query: It’s Time to Break up with your "Global State”! –Tanner Linsley


Talk recording from React Summit Remote Edition 2020
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#React Query: It’s Time to Break up with your "Global State”! An increasing amount of data in our React applications is coming from remote and asynchronous sources and, even worse, continues to masquerade as “global state”. In this talk, you’ll get the lowdown on why most of your “global state” isn’t really state at all and how React Query can help you fetch, cache and manage your asynchronous data with a fraction of the effort and code that you’re used to.
Tanner Linsley Tanner is an open source creator who loves React and JavaScript. He has built and still maintain several well-known open source libraries like React Table, React Query, React Form, React Charts, React Static, and even Chart.js He co-founded 6 years ago and currently holds down the front-end fort there as VP of UI and UX. When not programming, Tanner spends his free time traveling, recording music, film-making, and vacationing with his wife and children.
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