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React & React Native Remote Meetup #19 | RNBlr x GeekyAnts


Welcome to the React & React Native Remote Meetup!
React Native Bangalore is organizing this year's 2nd online meetup on 8th May 2021. Join us & anew the show!
- Keynote by Sankhadeep Roy (
- Reusable Animations in React & React Native By Vilva Athiban P B (
- Building Micro Frontends at Scale By Manish Kumar (
- Typesafe Web Development in React - An overview By Bhargav Ponnapalli (
- Write Better JavaScript code using DeepSource By Sourya Vatsyayan (
Take a look at our Open Source projects :
SyncState ( - A state management library for React & JS apps.
React Native ARIA ( - A library of React Hooks for react-native web and react-native (Android/iOS) that provides accessible UI primitives for your design system.
React Pluggable ( - A plugin system for JS & React apps.
Formst ( - It's a simple and performant library for creating forms in React running on Mobx-State-Tree. It comes with all the goodness of
MobX-State-Tree and makes your thought process data-first while building forms.
NativeBase ( An essential cross-platform UI components for React Native
Try out the best suitable project and don't forget to show us some love on GitHub
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