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React vs Vue: React Props And Children vs Vue.js Slots And Props! | React vs Vue 2021 Edition!


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React and Vue are the best
JavaScript frameworks and libraries out there. But what are the differences? What are Vue.js Props and Slots and how do they compare to Reacts Props and Children! In this video I compare both.
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0:00 Introduction 0:39 .Tech Domains 01:43 Introduction To App 04:13 Creating A Prop For Button Text Vue 05:44 Creating A Prop For Button Text React 06:25 Creating Slot in Vue 07:32 Create React Children 08:10 Named Slots in Vue 10:27 Using Named React Children 12:04 Creating default values for slots 12:48 Default React Children values 13:22 Spreading Props on React Child Components 14:55 Prop Inheritance in Vue 16:33 Updating prop inheritance with inheritAttrs 18:20 Passing function as props in Vue 20:50 Using events in Vue and emitting them 22:40 Passing function as props in react 24:12 Scoped Slots In Vue 28:02 Data provider pattern in React with wrapper component 29:38 Creating a wrapper component in Vue 33:33 Composition API alternative to scoped slots
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