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Recreate svelte knobby


Tutorials Writable store How to call functions inside a component svelte:component
00:00 Introduction 01:53 Play around and probe svelte-knobby 10:00 Getting Started using SvelteKit 13:39 [Step 1] Dynamically render a panel when needed 18:54 Dynamic panel sections using component methods 24:26 Dynamic panel sections using store 27:34 [Step 2] Rendering the knobs 28:26 From API to internal representation 34:43 Dynamically rendering the input fields 47:35 Using svelte:component 49:58 Transforming options 59:34 [Step 3] Panel input to a writable store 01:09:15 binding value 01:16:18 Transforming internal representation to store value 01:21:15 Fixing the button type 01:28:49 [Step 4] Syncing store updates back to the internal representation 01:31:41 Apply store value 01:42:17 Summary
#svelte #svelte-knobby
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