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Regenerative Design + Open Source Brainstorm

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Presented by WWCode Portland 🎨 Regenerative Design + Open Source Brainstorm
Nicole Cousino will provide an introduction to regenerative design, as she sees it relating to design thinking practices, and introduce the concept of developing an open source tool to facilitate and accelerate regenerative based projects and organizations.
⏰ Agenda (Virtual event)
5:15 - Attendees may join waiting room 5:30 - Icebreakers & chatting 5:45 - Introductions 6:00 - Presentation on regenerative framework and design 6:15 - Elevator pitch for open source project (regenerative design tool concept/development) 6:20 - Breakout rooms for open source regenerative design tool brainstorm 6:50 - Main room for discussion 7:05 - Next steps for ongoing involvement 7:15 - Closing
πŸ‘©πŸ½ About Our Speaker
Nicole Cousino, of the recently formed Mobius Regenerative Design Collective, is a cross-disciplinary designer and ecosystems thinker intersecting human-centered design thinking with regenerative principles to create transformative solutions.
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