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Resilience & Agility through Evolutionary Change & Kanban Maturity Model by Todd & Joey #AgileIndia


Agility is the ability to adapt to changing situations.  Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity.  As organizations have discovered, agility alone is not sufficient; resilience is needed as well.  Both are fundamental to the Kanban Method.
Many people think Kanban is just a project tracking board, whether it is stickies on the wall or in a tool like Trello or Jira.  But Kanban is much more. The Kanban Method is a model for evolutionary change that helps organizations continually improve their service delivery.  Those organizations that get good at evolutionary change not only improve agility but also build their resilience.
Such is the path through the Kanban Maturity Model, where we have codified patterns that have been observed over the past 12 years of Kanban implementations.  We have mapped 150 practices against observable business outcomes at 7 levels of organizational maturity, each level of maturity improving in both agility and resilience.
Join Todd as he shares how the Kanban Method can start your evolutionary change towards both agility and resilience.
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