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Responsive Layouts with @angular/Flex-Layout

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Ekaterina Orlova & Thomas Burleson

Regardless of the power of the Angular platform, developers always struggle UI component Layouts. Using Flexbox CSS, the HTML layouts becomes responsive to viewport size changes. HTML containers will auto-adjust their sizes and child elements will auto-adjust positioning and sizes accordingly.
But using Flexbox CSS is hard... and frustrating... and seemingly complex. You have to become a Flexbox CSS expert! Or do you? With @angular/flex-layout, developers have an Angular-native, HTML markup API that makes it super easy to layout their UI components. And the Flex-Layout will generate and apply, under-the-hood, the best FlexBox CSS for your needs.
And the Flex-Layout will generate and apply, under-the-hood, the best FlexBox CSS for your needs. Even better, Flex Layout has a Responsive API that makes it super easy to adapt the UI to different devices.
Hide or show components, change layout directions, change stylings... all super easy with @angular/flex-layout. Come to this presentation to learn more about @angular/flex-layout, how it compares to Angular Material, how it compares to Bootstrap CSS grids. Come to learn why this should be a critical new tool for your Angular developer toolbox.
Ekaterina is a software developer at Accenture, currently living in Oslo, Norway. Co-organizer and facilitator of front-end workshops. She is passionate about front-end, user experience and diversity in tech.
Thomas is the Team Lead for Google's AngularJS Material. For over 3 years he has been spearheading the AngularJS Material efforts with a team of amazing developers. He is also the architect/project lead for @angular/flex-layout and an Angular Master Class trainer with You may have read his blog articles there or perhaps you attended his training classes. He is the co-author for two new thoughtram courses: * Angular with Redux + ngRx * Advanced Testing with Angular He is a frequent speaker at ng-Conf and AngularConnect. He loves collaborating with the Angular community and developers.