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Rich Harris - State of the Sveltunion (5 Years of Svelte)


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Rich Harris opens Svelte Summit with a short discussion and highlights some key moments and happenings throughout the years. Enjoy!


Hi, everyone. Welcome to everyone who's here in this room in Brooklyn. And welcome to everyone also on the live stream. Hopefully this is coming through okay. I can see myself on YouTube side. I think it is just in this room. Raise your hands if you've been to a solid society meeting before. Okay, a few returners. Raise your hand if you haven't been to a solid sighting meeting before. All right. Raise your hand if you didn't. Raise your hand. Okay, good. So the seed that would eventually grow into the spelled JS was planted in my head in a bar from here called 61 Local, where for a few years, every month, the great and good of the New York JavaScript scene would gather for meetup called Brooklyn JS. And in a time when meetups were generally fluorescent lit affairs with Catered Stale Peak, Brooklyn J? S showed us the value of authentic community. We gather once a month and we would share our excitement about the fun and interesting and quick programming. And so I'm able to gather here in person and continue some of that legacy. Of course, this is not just an in person event, it's also a global conference. We have an international speaker list, and we have virtual attendees from every corner of the globe. So if you're one of those virtual attendees and you haven't already, then I encourage you to join the discord and hop in the Spelt Summit Channel, part of that community. So this month is the birthday of Spells, and I feel like it's a good opportunity to take a moment to reflect on some of the milestones along that journey. All began at the end of November 30 going to increase the volume. Can I just stand like this? Would that help? Is this better? Okay, yeah, hopefully that would be better, but it will take him a while. This is the first time you've done this? Yeah, it's supposed to be also, but it's a microphone in. Is he doing? Absolutely be a little bit slower as well, because it probably doesn't help that I have three microphones connected to me and there's a lot of feedback. Okay, we'll keep going. So 30 November 2016, we announced the world on Hacker News, which meant that 30 November of 2016 was the first time we got some Hacker News comments, and it's always a nice little reminder that it's the easiest thing in the world to be a naysayer, but you have to weigh up the immediate dopamine rush with the chance that someone is going to screenshot your comment and use it five years later to make fun of you. July 2017, the first talk about Svelt was given at Brooklyn J? S. Down the road. At the end of 2017, we launched Sapper, which was a full stack framework inspired by Next. It was our version of the Ideal application framework built using Spelt, and it was the forerunner for today's Spelt Kit. In April 2018, we launched Felt 2 April 2019, we launched Felt Three, which was a ground up rethink how user interface frameworks should be designed. And then in October of 2019, we saw the launch of Spell Society with simultaneous meetups in London organized by Anthony New York, organized by Sports. And then the following April, we had the first ever global virtual conference, known now as Spelt Summit. In July of that year, team led by Auto on the TypeScript team got TypeScript into Spelt. That was one of our most requested features. At the very beginning of 2021, we got the results of the State of JavaScript survey and Spell was crowned the framework with the highest levels of satisfaction. A few months later, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey crowned as the most loved framework. October 2021 last month was the launch of Spelled Sirens, which is a group for people in the community who are women or non binary. Brittany is here. Say Hello, Brittany. Should we answer any questions that you have about that? I think you're going to hear some more about Spell science later in the conference. Also last month, we Spell Ambassadors program. This is a way that we can lift up and support some of the most valuable and beloved members of the community. And then this month I got a new job. I work at the sale now and got its first full time maintainer. I'm so happy about it's. A huge move for me personally, obviously, but it's also, I think, a big deal for the stock community. It means we can move faster and dream bigger. And I'm excited to meet some of my new coworkers today. Thank you for flying in me joining the sellment. We got more hacking news. Comments look at the shape of this curve. So at the beginning of this year we had 100,000 weekly downloads. Now we have 200,000 weekly downloads. If we continue that trajectory, then sometime in 2037 every person on planet Earth will be downloading spells once a week. Numbers don't lie because adoption is not a meaningful metric by itself. As an open source maintainer, you should never strive for adoption. But to the extent that this curve means that more people are discovering a way to build the web that is more fun and more accessible and more productive, then this trajectory brings me joy. I want to make some Acknowledgements so that I don't forget anyone. While I have the microphone, I want to thank SWIX, first of all, who made this party happen and sweet an absolute force nature in the Spell community. It's been a great me and a great friend of Spelt, and we're very crowd. Thank you. I also want to shout out to SWIX's employer, Temporal, which is sponsoring this event. The party. You'd also take the opportunity to bombard SWIX with questions about it. In addition to supporting stuff by paying me to work on it, VICEL is also making today possible both by sponsoring this watch party and sponsoring the summit itself. So thank you for that. Thank you to all the other sponsors of the summit. Names you can see on the website. Conferences like these are an absolute time work and Kevin and the rest of the organizers deserve our deep gratitude for today. Of course, conferences are only as good as their speakers. We have some fantastic speakers lined up to the best. Everything that I talked about today is only possible because of the hard work of many, many people who have contributed to the project in some way. From the core team. I love you all. I think of you as wonderful friends to people who have contributed in myriad other ways. Thank you. And last of all, you and you society has 12,000 members and 25 chapters all around the world. Brazil, India, Russia, China, France, Philippines many other places. Today is your day and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. Thank you. Kevin.