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Ring-fence the Chaos: When Technical Teams Meet Organisational Systems - Anthony Dang


This is talk about production team structures, inter & intra team efficiency, workflows, and organisational constraints. If you are interested in learning how to analyse your workplace to increase happiness and efficiency of your technical delivery then this is the session for you.
An organisation's technical delivery is not just about code reviews, code maintainability, story points. These are only the day-to-day processes. There are many factors (internal & external) which may affect your team's output. Do you have inter team dependencies? Do your teams cause bottlenecks for the organisation? How do you deal with forecasting, resourcing, knowledge retention & silos? How do you know if your teams are even configured well?
When dealing with multiple production teams (with possible interdependencies) it is inevitable that you will need to understand which project management methodologies are appropriate for given teams & scenarios, and also be able to drive purposeful organisational change. CTOs, Heads of Engineering and Technical Leads - I'm talking to you!
Organisational constraints are challenging, and your organisation's different service levels often demand that your teams work differently. In this talk we will discuss how to tackle all of these challenges and more with real world examples. This talk is aimed at technical and non-technical audiences interested in team and organisational efficiencies.