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Rust: an alternative to high-level programming languages?

09.30.2017 at RustFest Zürich 2017


Élisabeth Henry

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast. But what’s its place for writing applications that don’t particularly need to delve into systems programming, and only need to be “not too slow”? Can it be appealing to programmers who would rather not have to deal with memory management and don’t care about the performance cost? Can Rust’s type safety and the guarantees it brings allow a high-level programmer to be more confident, empowering them to more easily build and maintain complex applications? Or is Rust’s complexity too much of a barrier for that? Élisabeth Henry used to work as a programmer, but eventually gave up because she couldn’t find a job, and ended trying to make a living selling fantasy novels. Maybe this last fact shows that she's not a great programmer. She loves Rust because it makes her feel more confident about the code she writes, and the strict compiler compensates for her lack of discipline.