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S08E011 Modern Web Podcast - Scaling your Impact & Automation Using Cypress with Gleb Bhamutov


In this episode, Rob Ocel chats with Gleb Bhamutov, a Distinguished Engineer at Cypress IO. They discuss Gleb's PhD, his prolific catalog of OSS libraries, his dream job, and how he works to scale his impact on the world at large. They also talk about the promise and value of end-to-end (E2E) testing using Cypress, and why the traditional testing pyramid might be underselling the power and importance of E2E testing. They also explore some interesting current and upcoming features of Cypress, and highlight some lesser known alternative uses of Cypress that illustrate it's flexibility.
Guest: Gleb Bhamutov (@bahmutov) - JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, software quality fanatic, & Distinguished Engineer at Cypress IO

Host: Rob Ocel (@robocell) - Architect, This Dot Labs
This episode is sponsored by Progress KendoReact & This Dot Labs.