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S08E09 Modern Web Podcast - Sides Projects with Shawn Wang


In this episode, Lindsay Wardell and Hunter Miller talk side projects with Shawn Wang. We discuss the projects they do on the side, and what kind of side projects they enjoy working on. Shawn also talks about his book, "The Coding Career Handbook", and how it started as a side project as well. We also talk about the importance of writing your own blog posts, and sharing your experience and learning in public to help both yourself and others, rather than blogging for numbers. We wrap up with a discussion on being a part-time creator, and finding a company that supports their employees and match what you're looking to do.
Guests: Shawn Wang (@swyx) - Developer & Author of "The Coding Career Handbook"
Hosts: Hunter Miller (@hmillerdev) - Senior Software Engineer, This Dot Lindsay Wardell (@lindsaykwardell) - Software Engineer, This Dot & co-host of Views on Vue 
This episode is sponsored by the Media Developers community & This Dot Labs.