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Safe Container Lashing

11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Viktorija Almazowa (Cloudworks)

Containers became as a way to go in many companies. It is not surprise as the benefits of flexibility and short time of release are undoubtable. Having only what is needed in containers from application perspective is great. But what about security? Is it more secure? Or? If so what shall be taken into account when deploying containers in production? During talk we will go thru main security principals, which should not be forgotten to make solution not fast deployed but also secure. Technical examples will cover Docker usage and some useful tools, which helps in hardening of containers.
Viktorija Almazowa Cloud Security Architect for Cloudworks with experience more than 10 years in security. She spends all her time working closely with developers and architects to make security built in from design level. She is a big supporter of making security as culture and shifting security to the left. Viktorija believes that empowering developers and architects in security tasks by helping with education will increase security level without increasing additional workload. During free time she deep dives into Azure security, development, identity and access management.