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Scaling Databases For Serverless World: A Chat With Sugu Sougoumarane - Prisma Serverless Conference


Today, Vitess is the default database for scale at Slack, Roblox, Square, Etsy, GitHub, and many more. But how did it get here? From its creation at YouTube to the database that powers PlanetScale, a serverless database platform, Taylor and Sugu will dive into Vitess' creation, why MySQL, what makes Vitess so powerful, and the different ways it is a great fit for developers building serverless applications.
🗣Speaker: Sugu Sougoumarane, Taylor Barnett Sugu is also the co-creator of Vitess, which he has been working on since 2010. Prior to Vitess, Sugu worked on scalability at YouTube and was part of PayPal in the early days. His recent interest is in distributed systems and consensus algorithms.
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Before PlanetScale, Taylor led developer relations at developer-focused startups and was also a full-stack engineer. Taylor is passionate about building great developer experiences, emphasizing empathy within product, documentation, and community-focused projects.
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📣 Prisma Serverless This talk has been recorded at the Prisma Serverless Conference on November 18, 2021.
You can learn more about the Prisma Data Platform here: