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Security & Chaos Engineering: Resilient Distributed Systems by Aaron Rinehart at #AgileIndia2020


Modern systems pose a number of thorny challenges and securing the transformation from legacy monolithic systems to distributed systems demands a change in mindset and engineering toolkit. The security engineering toolkit is unfortunately out-of-style and outdated with today's approach to building, security and operating distributed systems. The speed, scale, and complex operations within microservice architectures make them tremendously difficult for humans to mentally model their behavior. If the latter is even remotely true how is it possible to adequately secure services that are not even fully comprehended by the engineering teams that built them.
Security Chaos Engineering helps teams realign the actual state of operational security as well as build confidence that their security actually works the way the think it does. Chaos Engineering allows for security teams to proactively experiment on recurring incident patterns to derive new information about underlying factors that were previously unknown by reversing the postmortem and preparation phases. This is done by developing live fire exercises that can be measured, managed, and automated. It develops teams by building a learning culture around system failure to challenge engineering teams to proactively, safely discover system weakness before they disrupt business outcomes.
In this session we will introduce a new concept known as Security Chaos Engineering and how it can be applied to create highly secure, performant, and resilient distributed systems.
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