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Serverless Apps At Scale With Prisma Data Proxy And MongoDB Atlas Serverless - Kevin Jernigan


In this presentation, we will describe MongoDB Atlas Serverless, and review how Prisma Data Proxy can be used together with MongoDB Atlas to implement large-scale serverless applications. We will also cover new MongoDB Atlas capabilities which can help with serverless applications, and we will show a brief demo of Prisma Data Proxy with MongoDB Atlas Serverless.
đź—ŁSpeakers: Kevin Jernigan and Matt Mueller Kevin Jernigan is a Principal Product Manager at MongoDB. Kevin started his career at Oracle in 1987, as a product manager. Prior to joining MongoDB, he was a Principal Product Manager responsible for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.
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đź“Ł Prisma Serverless This talk has been recorded at the Prisma Serverless Conference on November 18, 2021.
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