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Serverless Architecture & Node.js: A Beautiful World

11.09.2017 at Orlando Backend Developers Meetup


Taylor Jones & Doug Woodrow

Taylor Jones: Serverless Architecture
Have you ever wondered why people keep talking about serverless architecture? What are they even? Have you ever wanted to understand why people are embracing services like AWS, Heroku, and DigitalOcean more? In this talk, we’ll explore what serverless architecture is, how you’re probably using it, and how we can all get better at it.
Taylor Jones is a Software Engineer over at IZEA. He loves Ruby, Rust, Rails, and other things that start with “r”. He owns way too many animals and is happily addicted to coffee.
Doug Woodrow: A Beautiful World, Async-flavored
How Node is running the machines & processes of today and tomorrow
With at least 10 apps that do the same thing, 1,000,000 + 1 options of software-as-a-service platforms to choose from, and less technologies that connect them all together, developers and users are often left high-n-dry, with difficult decisions when buying hardware devices and software services. What if my new phone, new CRM, and Project Management Tool don’t all integrate? Node.js in many ways has become that solution. See how a once humble Javascript framework created a revolution of software and hardware that will re-stitch the very fabric of tomorrow’s home and office.
Doug Woodrow is a JavaScript and Java developer that is building the technology that will power the home and business of tomorrow. With a history in big data, enterprise and IoT, Doug has spent his last 13 years as a developer focusing his time bringing together an automated world that gives anyone the ability to make an impact, from anywhere at anytime.