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Serverless and FaaS: 5 Pros and Cons



Serverless and FaaS - 5 Pros and Cons You Need to Know in 2021 (Serverless Computing)
What if we told you there are servers in serverless architecture?
It’s a counter-intuitive concept, almost an oxymoron in itself.
But it’s real, it’s here and it could be the future of how we design and integrate applications.

So, what exactly is serverless architecture?
And how can FAAS or “Function as a Service” be used in cloud computing?
This is serverless architecture explained in 10 minutes
To make it difficult and ambiguous straight off the bat, the term “serverless” is actually describing two separate things. There is some common ground between the two, an overlap of the Venn diagram, but they are not the same.
Classically, a back end would be considered serverless if the application used a third party to do all, or the majority of, its server-side logic. These third parties are cloud-hosted applications and services that run from a server room in somebody else’s building. See – serverless, but still using servers.
This arrangement is used by things like single page web apps and mobile apps. Databases and authentications services are run via the cloud, dubbed Back-end As A Service or BAAS for short. This is old news.
But serverless also describes server-side logic written by the application developer, but not handled onsite. In this case, the third party provide stateless compute containers that are event triggered. They may only last for a single subroutine schedule and cease to exist post execution.


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