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Serverless London June


Welcome to the Serverless London meetup for June.
18:30 - Welcome 18:35 - Matthieu Napoli (AWS Serverless Hero) 19:00 - Alex DeBrie (AWS Data Hero)
As always, our sponsors are Theodo ( and Senzo (
---- # Talks
## Matthieu Napoli - Beyond functions: using the AWS CDK in the Serverless Framework
Lift integrates the AWS CDK in the Serverless Framework. Let's look at deploying static websites, SQS queues, S3 buckets and more in serverless.yml. All that without writing a single line of CloudFormation or CDK code.
## Alex DeBrie - Using DynamoDB in Serverless Applications
For many reasons, DynamoDB has been the database of choice for serverless developers in the AWS ecosystem. In this talk, you'll learn why DynamoDB is such a great fit in serverless applications. Then, you'll learn how to get started with DynamoDB as well as some best practices for data modelling with DynamoDB.