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SFNode - February 2021


Jason Kuhrt

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*** NOTICE! *** We ran into some technical difficulties with the audio at the beginning of the stream. We were able to edit out the silent parts and include the whole version of the talk.
Introduction to Nexus - Jason Kuhrt Introduction to Nexus Schema, a NodeJS library for building just the schema aspect of GraphQL APIs with code. I'll build a simple API while touring its primary features, including strong type-safety.
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About Jason Kuhrt I am a TypeScript developer with a passionate for DX. Educated in design theory, practice, and ethics I became fascinated by systems aspects of software engineering. Over years I've oscillated between frontend (jQuery, Angular, React), backend (HTTP, TCP, GQL, Architecture), devops (AWS, GCP, Terraform, CI/CD, Kubernetes) and creative/leadership contributions all in startup environments. Today I work at Prisma on the developer productivity team responsible for enhancing the reach of our awesome developer centric database tools.
Twitter: @jasonkuhrt GitHub: @jasonkuhrt Instagram: @jasonkuhrt
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