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SFNode - November 2020


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David Guttman - How To Get A Better Job Without Learning
How To Get A Better Job Without Learning Another Framework Too much to learn in today's tech world? Feel like there's no end to what you need to know? Maybe you've completed a web development boot camp and think you have a good grasp on the technology. Of course, the moment you google, you realize there is so much more out there and a ton more to learn. When is enough, enough? Sure, learning is a lot of fun and probably why you got into this field, but if you're looking for a new job, it becomes very intimidating and overwhelming. Well, it turns out that you don't need to know the latest framework to help your career. To get a good gig, the key is to know what hiring managers really want. As a bonus, I'll talk about what to do once you have the job so that you can move up the food chain to where you actually want to be.
About David Guttman: At Superstruct, David helps startups build remote engineering teams that ship. He has led teams of engineers to ship projects like ultra-high-scale ad servers handling over 10 billion requests per day, written books like Fullstack Node.js, authored over 90 open-source packages on npm, and runs, one of the largest JavaScript events in the country.
Twitter: @davidguttman Github: @davidguttman Site: