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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign • Andy Fleener • GOTO 2021


This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia Chaos Engineering Day 2021. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia
Andy Fleener - Platform Operations Manager at SportsEngine
ORIGINAL TALK TITLE Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: What Five Man Electrical Band and Todd Conklin Taught Me about Chaos Engineering
ABSTRACT Signs and Signals are all around us, they influence how we perceive and feel about the systems we interact with on a daily basis. Many of these signals are loud, or strong, a production outage, an angry customer, or a missed deadline. But there’s more to signals than just the ones we see or hear when something goes bang. Actively searching for and understanding Weak Signals is the key to creating the most productive Chaos Experiments. Weak Signals are small, barely noticeable, indications of new emergent behavior in the system. They’re the “tea leaves”, they trigger our gut feelings, and our hunches. In this talk I will dig into the area of Chaos Engineering that I find most interesting, how do you decide [...]
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 01:19 Signs vs signals 03:19 What is a weak signal? 05:04 Why care about weak signals? 08:29 Signals in the wild 12:44 Weak signals are a critical source of insights 13:52 Insights that came from weak signals 14:05 On-call shifts should end on Fridays 14:32 The designated "ops-support" person 16:49 "I don't know anything about this" 17:48 takeaway 19:08 Outro
Read the full abstract here: #ChaosEngineering #SRE #SoftwareReliabilityEngineering #Programming #GameDay #Signals #Signs #WeakSignals
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