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SIMD in C++20: EVE of a new Era - Joel Falcou & Denis Yaroshevskiy - CppCon 2021

English --- EVE is a new library that exposes SIMD in a uniform way across both ARM (neon) and x86 (from sse2 to avx-512).
It's main advantages over similar libraries include: * STL like algorithm support, including zip to operate on multiple ranges . * ARM support (many libraries only support x86) * A very comprehensive math library.
It is liberally licensed and intended to be production quality. But let's just be direct: vectorized find for x86 and arm on godbolt:
This talk will include a collection of demos for different library features and benchmarks, how C++20 helped us construct a proper design as well as practical advice on using EVE in your projects.
--- Joel Falcou Joel is an associate professor at the University Paris-Saclay and Researcher at the Laboratoire de Recherche d’Informatique in Orsay, France. His research focuses on studying generative programming idioms and techniques to design tools for parallel software development.
The main parts of his work are: • the exploration of Embedded Domain Specific Language design for parallel computing on various architectures; • the definition of a formal framework for reasoning about meta-programs.
Joel is the co-host of the C++FRUG Meetup, president of the C++FRUG Association, co-organizes the CPPP Conference, and is part entrepreneur, being one of the co-founder of CODE RECKONS, a company focused on bringing people and company up to date to the best and newest C++.
Denis Yaroshevskiy Denis is a semi-active member of the C++ community. He is mostly interested in algorithms and has done a few things in that area such as: research and implementation of Chromium’s flat_set, a couple of tiny contributions to libc++ algorithm library, a few algorithm related talks and one sole paper to the C++ standard that didn’t get consensus. For the last couple of years in his free time Denis is implementing STL algorithms portably using SIMD. Denis currently works at Bloomberg.
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