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Small Inspiration - Michael Caisse - CppCon 2021

English --- This talk is the Embedded Track Keynote.
Less than 1% of microprocessors sold each year find their way into general purpose computers. Desktops, laptops, and servers of all sizes represent a very small fraction of the compute that surrounds us. We interact with a few of these systems but most go unnoticed. These invisible, unsung embedded devices offer lessons in engineering at all scales and can provide inspiration to seasoned practitioners and future technologists.
Join me as we learn from the embedded world and become inspired to inspire.
--- Michael Caisse started using C++ with embedded systems over 30 years ago. He continues to be passionate about combining his degree in Electrical Engineering with elegant software solutions and is always excited to share his discoveries with others.
Michael works for Ciere Consulting where he provides software consulting and contracting, C++ training and mentoring, and electronic design.
When he isn't fighting with compilers or robots, he enjoys fencing with a sabre.
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