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SREcon Conversations with Ingrid Epure, Netlify


SREcon Conversations with Ingrid Epure, Netlify
One of the central tenets of site reliability engineering is simplicity, but often we find ourselves adding new moving parts to our systems in an effort to increase reliability, scalability, performance and value. At scale, even the simplest business logic can translate into a significant degree of architectural complexity. In this talk Ingrid will discuss the tradeoffs between reliability and complexity that Netlify makes as it powers a significant percentage of the web.
Ingrid wants to make the world simpler, one production system at a time. She talks and cares deeply about demystifying the tech culture and wants to make it more accessible and open. Ingrid is an international speaker, a mentor for women in tech communities, and part of the SREcon EMEA program committee. When she is not busy being a Senior Platform Engineer at Netlify, she learns to draw, builds mechanical keyboards, and nerds out about coffee and music.