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This Startup Life: 3 Years Deep | Ben Cull


It's now been 3 years since I began my startup journey, going from a hastily scribbled software architecture to hitting $10k/m and raising $500k in seed funding. As a full time .NET developer, I had ideas, side projects, and an ambition to start a business, but at the same time a complete lack of skills outside of software development.
In this session I tell the story of my journey from an idea to fully fledged business, and mix in the lessons learned and advice I would give to developers who want to make the leap into beginning a startup. We'll look at practical skills like developing software in tiny teams and sales & marketing 101; but also delve into the stresses of startup life, including dealing with failure and working in remote teams.
Not everyone has the same starting point, resources or skills, so everyones journey will be different, but hopefully by the end of this talk, you're left with the inspiration to research your own ideas and the confidence to take the first step towards this startup life.