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Steer Your Career on Your Terms With the Right Side Project


Presented by Women Who Code CONNECT Recharge 2022 Speaker: Vui Nguyen (she/her), Senior Consultant @ Atomic Robot CONNECT Recharge 2022 Playlist:
There's a lot of pressure for software engineers to code all the time, and if you're not working on a side project RIGHT NOW, you're not "passionate" enough about your career! Or so you've been told.
Let's change the narrative on side projects! In reality, working on a side project can give you more control over your career, help you find meaningful work that fulfills you, and you can choose the topic, scope, when, or whether to work on a side project at all. Instead of seeing side projects as a requirement to have a career, I'll show you how to make one work for you: as an opportunity for self-care, self-empowerment, and to steer your career in the right direction for you!
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