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Stephan Schneider - Ramp up your GraphQL learning experience with data you already have


Stephan Schneider

◭ Stephan Schneider (@zcei_ger): "Ramp up your GraphQL learning experience with data you already have"
With so much tooling available in the GraphQL ecosystem, it can easily be overwhelming and hard to get started. Sometimes this stress can be relieved by using known data shapes you already worked with. You have a pet project laying around using a DB storage? Or some fixtures from an idea you never executed on? Your company's proprietary ORM could use some GraphQL layer? Watch how to make use of those raw diamonds for your own dopamine rush.
Stephan Schneider is a backend developer at Contentful. Since 2018 GraphQL is not just an interesting technology for him anymore when he started participating in the company's initial development of their first GraphQL API. He has not stepped back since and constantly plays with new ways to integrate pre-existing data into GraphQL.
This talk has been recorded during GraphQL Berlin Meetup #20 : Beginner Friendly Edition. Join our GraphQL Berlin Meetup group here:
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