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Strange Loop Chat with Felienne Hermans about "The Programmer's Brain"


In this episode, Alex Miller chats with former Strange Loop speaker Felienne Hermans about her new book "The Programmer's Brain" ( Listeners to this episode can get 35% off at Manning ( with the code podstrangeloop21
Felienne Hermans ( is associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University, doing research on programming education (
Felienne's Strange Loop talks mentioned in the show: - (2014) "Spreadsheets for developers", - (2019) "How to teach programming (and other things)",
The Hedy programming language - -
You can find out more about Strange Loop at​​.
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00:00 Intro 00:51 Overview of "The Programmer's Brain" 03:21 How does memory affect how we read code? 05:28 How do mental models affect understanding? 07:10 How do you intentionally practice reading code? 11:18 Vocalization of syntax 17:11 Explicit instruction vs immersion 18:44 Hedy programming language 21:19 Spreadsheets are programming 27:43 Release plans for "The Programmer's Brain"