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Styling Components for React UI Kits

10.25.2017 at ReactiveConf


Javi Velasco (Zeit)

React is a wonderful tool to write reusable UI components but it takes no decisions on how styles should be written. This leads to a huge amount of different approaches, most of them based on CSS in JS, that usually introduce some coupling with your code making crucial the decision of choosing one of them. Is it possible to skip writing the styles so that a component doesn't depend on them anymore? Can we build complex components in a way that allows them to be reused even for React Native? This talk will show how this is achievable with the upcoming React Toolbox Core. About: Javier is Fullstack Engineer at Zeit and the author of React Toolbox, one of the most popular React UI Kits out there that is used by companies such as Netflix. He's passionate about the React ecosystem and Javascript in general, and he loves making the code look like poetry. Last but not least, he's deeply devoted to his dog.