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Outmatched - How Svelte Beats the Odds | Rich Harris & Eliran Hezkia



Rich Harris & Eliran Hezkia

Rich Harris invented Svelte: a new framework for building user interfaces in web applications. It’s blazingly fast, easy to learn and battle-proven in real world application. There’s one problem, though: it’s not React.
React is the 800 lb. gorilla of web frameworks: it has millions of users, huge enterprises, and it’s backed by none other than Facebook. Svelte is faster and slimmer than React, but at every conference and in every Twitter thread, Harris needs to fight an uphill battle against Facebook’s React just to be noticed.
So how do you get developers to give up a popular framework, and switch to *your* new and improved one? In this episode, we will also hear from Eliran Hezkia how Wix Engineering is testing Rich’s framework.


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