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Svelte Question - How to call functions in parent component


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What is the relationship between the component and its parent 01:22 There's no one size fit all solution for this. It's better to study the relationship between the components and figure out what's the best way of communication between the components
Example 1 - Passing the function as a props 05:53 Useful when the component can't live without parent, and the parent can't live without the component
Example 2 - Passing the function as listener for component events 07:13 Useful when you the component does not care about the function, whether the function is being passed to the component or not.
Example 3 - Passing the function via context 10:10 Useful when all the children and grandchildren components may or may not call the function. The function allows all children and grandchildren components to update the state / make changes to the common parent component.
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