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Teaching an IDE to understand Rust

09.30.2017 at RustFest Zürich 2017


Igor Matuszewski

IDE support is one of Rust’s most requested features. From the 2017 State of Rust Survey: roughly 30% of Rust users are looking forward to IDE support more than any other feature in 2017 and for 22% of non-users, lack of IDE support is their main reason for not using Rust. In this talk, I’ll cover what it took to support Cargo workspaces in the RLS and I’ll explain how the RLS leverages existing tooling, including Cargo and the compiler. I’ll demonstrate the current state of Rust programming with an IDE, and how you can benefit from using an IDE with your Rust projects.
About Igor Matuszewski: Igor is studying Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Having worked on a AAA game and various smaller ones, he grew tired of the repetitiveness of the process and started a journey to find a language that would aid in building better abstractions. He discovered Rust and decided to help further the IDE story, so the development process would be more enjoyable. He was accepted onto the Google Summer of Code 2017 as a student and has been working to improve the RLS and IDE support.