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Teaching to Empower: How to Support Junior Engineers


Presented by WWCode CONNECT Forward 2021 Speaker: Rizel Scarlett (she/her)
Everybody wants to learn to code and people are excited to teach others to code. The hard parts are that not everyone learns the same way you do and it's hard to learn when you don't feel a sense of belonging. Whether you want to instruct at a coding boot camp, mentor junior engineers at your job, create content, or become a Comp Sci professor, being a good teacher means embracing vulnerability, kindness, and inclusivity in the classroom. I'll share my lessons in education that I've picked up along the way as a student, a peer, a junior engineer, an instructor, and now a developer advocate. This talk will discuss how to best teach code to new programmers -- this is important in order to relate and communicate well to new teammates or people in the community. We will start by identifying that everyone can enter a teaching role through informal mentorship, content creation, and formal teaching. Then we will discuss the strategies that best work for teaching people to code such as, showing vulnerability, creating digestible content, implementing methods such as spaced repetition and visual aides, gathering constructive feedback, and providing psychological safety. I will then end with suggestions of online instructors who embrace this style of teaching, so the audience can gain inspiration from them. ___ 💻 Digital Events: 🔎 Job Board:​​​​ 💌 Make a Donation: