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Team Transformation Canvas: Team Building Starts With You by Richard Kasperowski #AgileIndia 2021


Want an easy tool to help you start building the best team of your life? That's exactly what the Team Transformation Canvas is: a practical worksheet to help you and your teammates discover the best in each other and put it into action.
For attendees, the canvas facilitates individual self-awareness of their current emotional state and their desired personal outcomes. They develop a deepened understanding of what drives their behaviors and actions. By identifying and owning these intrinsic motivations, participants align their future actions with their most inherent needs—creating their own unique pathway to professional and personal self-actualization. Finally, the canvas facilitates deep emotional and supportive connections with each other—the building blocks of a high-performance team.
The canvas can be used as a solitary contemplative exercise for self-improvement, or as a tool for bootstrapping a team toward intentional greatness.
Attendees leave with actionable next steps to improve themselves and their teams. And they'll know how to use the canvas with their own teams, to help other individuals and teams gain deeper insight into themselves, so they can pursue their greatness.
For those familiar with the Core Protocols, the canvas facilitates a super-fast individual and team boot-up. 
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