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TechBreak #3 "Tech for good with Reach4Help" - Pedro and Shayan


Third part of the recording of TechBreak - Tech for good during COVID-19, July 29th, 2020
Tech for Good
Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions, and this is why for this session Algolia wants to dedicate some space to be thankful.
We will shed some light on two innovative and unexpected collaborations that emerged from the tech industry during this particular year 2020.
Reach4Help This team made by members from all over the World is the pure example of how solidarity brings out the best in individuals. After recently launched their app around the World, Pedro and Shayan, team leads, will tell us how they have achieved this project that came along thanks to the coronavirus, and now it's here to stay.
Julie Reboul, Event Marketing Manager at Algolia, is going to discuss
with us how tech companies and Algolia tried to help their way during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Keep Small Strong We will receive Adam Grohs, founder of AgnoStack and also founding member of #KeepSmallStrong. He will tell us the story of how this collective effort to save small businesses in America came to live,
including their ups and downs along the way.
Get to know these projects and how they have been able to help, highlighting the importance of humanity in business, as well as how challenging can it be.