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Template Metaprogramming: Practical Application - Jody Hagins - CppCon 2021

English --- This presentation is a tutorial covering multiple metaprogramming topics. It builds upon last year's "Template Metaprogramming: Type Traits." That talk walked you through template metaprogramming fundamentals by implementing some basic type traits. This tutorial demonstrates how to build upon these basic building blocks to solve real world problems.
For example, we will explore how to manage types as plain lists and associative collections. However, we will not just demonstrate how to sort a collection of types, but also some practical use cases where such techniques provide significant advantages, both in representation and runtime performance.
We will look some explicit real world examples where we trade an upfront compile time cost for faster runtime performance. We will also explore ways to measure the compile time costs so that we can make educated decisions about how to improve the compile time performance, and determine if that cost is worth the runtime gain.
Thus, the tutorial will walk through a number of metaprogramming techniques and tricks, but with the goal of applying them to solve several explicit real world problems, all the while being very aware of the compile time costs.
--- Jody Hagins
Jody Hagins first compiled "C++" code in 1984, and wrote a specialized LisP editor using Zortech C++ for senior project in 1988. However, he didn't truly start programming in C++ until 1992, when he read The Greatest C++ Book Ever Written, "Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms" by Jim Coplien. That book, combined with cfront, which generated C code from C++ source, gave him the joyful task of writing SVr4 Streams drivers in C++. Ever since, he has been hooked on writing C++ code for kernel modules, large telephony applications, and, since the late 1990s, applications in what is now known as the high frequency trading industry.
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