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Testing Angular Apps with Cypress | Angular Monthly Meetup


Presented by WWCode San Diego Speaker: Cecelia Martinez (@ceceliacreates) "Testing Angular Apps with Cypress" with Cecelia Martinez
Learn about testing your Angular apps with the free, open-source Cypress framework. This talk will cover some of the considerations when migrating from Protractor to Cypress, testing NgRx, and things to keep in mind for testing Angular specifically.
🗣 About our Speakers 🗣 ⭐️ Cecelia Martinez @ceceliacreates Cecelia Martinez is a Technical Account Manager at in Atlanta, GA, where she spends her days talking to Cypress users about testing strategies, helping them overcome technical challenges, and providing education and training.
She is a graduate of the Full-Stack Software Engineering Program at Georgia Tech. Before transitioning to tech, she worked in journalism and financial services, and obtained a B.A. in Public Communications and an M.B.A. in Marketing. She is a volunteer with Women Who Code Front End and Out in Tech Atlanta, and a panelist on the Angular Experience podcast.
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