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The Adoption and Operation of Serverless at - Sheen Brisals & Luke Hedger


Connecting the LEGO experience with millions around the world requires a modern and innovative platform. This fuelled the migration of our legacy monolith eCommerce application onto cloud and microservices. As the evolution of the cloud computing model, Serverless allows us to build and operate applications efficiently.
In this talk, we will take you through our Serverless adoption, the journey we took to modernize the platform, the growth of our team and services, and the challenges we faced. We will talk about our architectural principles, serverless patterns, and development lifecycle. As well as our DevOps journey and how we maintain service quality and a secure platform with a rapidly growing team.
Serverless is an evolving technology. We must be prepared to move along with it. We will close the talk by looking at ways in which we can keep up with Serverless.
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