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The Art of Teams by Ralph van Roosmalen #AgileIndia 2021


We live in a complex world, there are no silver bullets to solve problems in this complex world. There has been done a lot of research on what makes teams successful, or what identifies a good team. The five dysfunctions of a team, the Rocket model, project Aristotle. I believe all those models have good components, but what would happen if you get the best of all those models, and also back them up with academic research?
In this talk, I would like to share six components that will help teams to create value. Six components based on research, existing models, best practices, and my experience as a manager. This talk will explain that successful teams: have trust, are reliable, have conflicts, understand their impact, care about results and have clarity. You will learn why these six components are important but also have some practical take-aways. For example, having conflicts is easy said. However, how do have conflicts, and help teams with conflicts?
The talk is connected to my latest book The Art of Teams.
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